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      Word square [1]
      word: leverage, investment opportunity set, institusional ownership, profitability and the value of the company [1]
      Wordpress, Website, PhpMyAdmin [1]
      words: accounting profit, leverage, firm size, liquidity, and stock price. Laba akuntansi, leverage, ukuran perusahaan, likuiditas, dan harga saham. [1]
      words: obese, post partum weight, nutrition education, pedoman umum gizi seimbang(PUGS). obesitas, berat badan ibu post partum, edukasi gizi, pedoman umum gizi seimbang (PUGS). [1]
      words: oral health education, children ages 9-10 years, lesson schedule SOGI. [1]
      Words: Phaleria, Aedes aegypti, Larvicides. Buah mahkota dewa, Aedes aegypti, larvasida [1]
      words: the policy of cash dividend, profitability, investment opportunity set, leverage, liquidity [1]
      Work Competence, The Role of Internal Audit, Psychological Empowerment, Good Government Governance, The Performance of SKPD/Regional Work Unit [1]
      Work Conflict, Stress, Organizational Climate, and Employee Working Performance [1]
      work discipline [1]
      work discipline, compensation, employee performance, organizational commitment [1]
      Work Environment [1]
      Work environment, Job Rotation, Organizational Culture, Job Satisfaction and Employee Performance. Lingkungan Kerja, Rotasi Kerja, Budaya Organisasi, Kepuasan Kerja dan Kinerja Karyawan. [1]
      work environment, justice, procedural justice compensation distributif compensation, performance. [1]
      Work Environment, Organizational Commitment, Employee Performance and Job Satisfaction. [1]
      Work Environment, Transformational Leadership Style, Discipline Work, Employee Performance Lingkungan Kerja, Gaya Kepemimpinan Transformasional, Disiplin Kerja, Kinerja Karyawan [2]
      Work Environment, Work Compensation, Work Motivation, Performance [1]