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dc.contributor.authorNURDIANTO, TALQIS
dc.description.abstractHuman has a natural behavior and different ability to manage vocabularies in the language communication paradigm. Occasionally, the word which has meaning of happy was delivered or spoken by the condition of fury. Based on the language structure, there are some words that actually in the beginning were positioned in the other part. The speakers are using the word in the first or last position in their speech, not only for the aesthetics purposes, but also for the great capability in expressing their desire or purpose using the high level of art. The rhetoric in the speech using the language style of taqdim and takhir in the sentence has a power in meaning and aesthetic expression to be noticed. The underestimate of role in the language style of taqdim and takhir can be reduced the power of meaning that should be strengthened with both styles, and also can effect the lose of soul and enjoyable in the communication act , with the result of that, the expression can be impressioned dryly and by far from the Arabic language grammatical, the splash of fashahah and balaghah. Arabic language stylistics in the Balaghah paradigm has the significant role in managing the structural of senteces smoothly, orderly, using the power of meaning which has the great effect to the audience understandably, not ambiguously, and there is no reason to rejection.This research under the title of “the role of language style structure using taqdim and takhir through Arabic language rethoric and aesthetic was appointed in the literature studies toward Arabic language and Balaghah. The sentences using the language style of taqdim and takhir have many aims, such as: (1) managing the structure and meaning of sentence attractively, (2) just managing only the meaning attractively, (3) giving the meaning commonly, and (4) managing the meaning ambiguously.en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesVOL 8, NO 1 (2015);4-17
dc.subjectuslub, at-taqdîm, at-ta`khîr, tachsîn, al-lughah ‘arabiyyah.en_US
dc.titleدور أسلوب التقديم والتأخير في تحسين اللغة العربيةen_US
dc.title.alternativePeran Susunan Kalimat Taqdim dan Takhir Dalam Keindahan Bahasa Araben_US

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