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dc.contributor.authorQODIR, ZULY
dc.contributor.authorRAHAYU, SRI
dc.description.abstractThe many problems of education in Indonesia makes its own ambiguity for the executors, where policy-makers think only of quantity without quality. One example is the Curriculum 2013, which are in a hurry to implement it so as to make the policy implementers be confusion as to a delay in textbook for teachers and training is not maximized. This study aims to determine how the curriculum policy implementation in 2013 at a high school teacher in Kebumen with the location of this research is SMA Negeri 1 Kutowinangun, SMA Negeri 1 and 2 Kebumen and education departments and sports Kebumen. The results of this study using the theory of George C. Edward III which indicates that the variable communication on indicators trasmisi and clarity executed well, this is because the education department and sports in collaboration with LPMP activities directly in the form of training, workshops, discussions, and technical guidance to teachers and principals. While the indicators consistent communication can be said is not consistent, which in the implementation of Curriculum 2013 regulations always changing so make the school confusi implement it. Then the variable resources with indicators of human resources (staff) and non-human (infrastructure) can be said not optimal this is because there are many teachers who find difficulty in implementing Curriculum 2013. Variable disposition or attitude of policy implementation can be quite good, where in the implementation of the implementers are always ready and responsible with what is being implemented. In addition the system has to be undertaken systematically and in accordance with the rules of Curriculum 2013. The fourth variable is a bureaucratic structure with indicator Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) this can be evidenced by the guidelines in the implementation of Curriculum 2013, then a good cooperation between agencies physical education and high school party in Kebumen. Keywords: Implementation, Policy, Education, Curriculumen_US
dc.subjectImplementasi Kebijakan Kurikulumen_US

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