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dc.contributor.authorMAHANGGORO, TRI PITARA
dc.descriptionInternational conference global resourche conservation at university of Brawijaya, Malangen_US
dc.description.abstractThe attitude of healthy living is a key determinant of healthy living behavior. Healthy attitude to life is the basis in determining the quality of a person's health. Someone who does not have the basic knowledge of health management, then the attitude in managing the body becomes unhealthy. Good body management can be achieved if you have enough knowledge. Knowledge of health need to be supported harmony between the mind, emotions, mind and body perfectly and so we need the support of a good physical intelligence. Increased physical intelligence can be done by providing the skills for self-realization and insight, through education and training of physical intelligence. Based on this background, the need to be examined on attitude formation of healthy life through physical intelligence. The study design Pre-test Post test with the control groups: control group and the experimental group were conducted with a random. The respondents are comprised of 10 people as a control group and 10 people as a group were given training to improve physical intelligence during the fourth stage. Respondents worked as a factory worker in Yogyakarta leather gloves. T-test analysis results indicate that the physical intelligence (sig = 0.001) and healthy life attitude (sig = 0,000) of the respondents increased significantly. That condition illustrates the significant improvement of physical intelligence and attitude of healthy life after the implementation of the training.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipUniversitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakartaen_US
dc.publisheruniversitas Brawijayaen_US
dc.subjectPhysical Intelligence, Healthy Living, Attitudeen_US

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