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dc.contributor.authorRAHMAH, RAHMAH
dc.contributor.authorFEBRIANA, MAYA
dc.contributor.authorABDULLAH, ABDULLAH
dc.description.abstractKnowledge and attitudes of neonatology nurses towards developmental care : A Descriptive study CODE: MAM 012 Abstract Objective: Developmental care is essential component in the nursing care of infant. To provide successful developmental care for the infant, nurse can make conducive environment to positive sensory input which is crucial for normal fetal development. To Improve nurse awareness she must has knowledge about developmental care. The goal of this study was to assess the nurse‘s knowledge and attitude towards developmental care. Methods: This research was a descriptive study conducted thirty two nurses perinatology of Muhammadiyah hospital in Yogyakarta. Thirty two nurses perinatology of Muhammadiyah hospital in Yogyakarta completed a questionnaire intended to know their individual identity information, knowledge and attitude towards developmental care. The questionnaire adopt from Zubaidah. Permission and ethical approval to conduct the study was granted by the university Deanship of scientific research ( research ethical committee of University Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta) . We used computer (Microsoft excel) to analyzed perinatology nurse’s knowledge and attitude. Results: 90.62 % of nurses answered correctly on the definition of developmental care. Only 46.87 % answered correctly about the goal of developmental care. 25 % of nurses have an attitude conducive to the implementation of developmental care in neonatal unit. Conclusion: nurse in neonatal unit have moderate knowledge of developmental care definition. They are also not clear about the goal of developmental care and environmental control of light. Still there are nurses who have the attitude was not conducive to developmental care. There is a need to enhance their knowledge regarding developmental care and emphasize the need of developmental care. Keywords: developmental care; Knowledge; attitudeen_US

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