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dc.contributor.authorAfik, Al
dc.contributor.authorFikriana, Riza
dc.descriptionSudah dipublikasikan di Jurnal Kesehatan Mesencephalon STIKes Kepanjen VOLUME 2, NOMOR 3, APRIL 2016, hlm. 158- 229 dengan link sebagai berikut
dc.description.abstractThe quality of CPR on nurses as participant of Basic Cardiac Life Support Training. The quality of CPR performed by a nurse to provide treatment to patients with cardiac arrest should be considered because it can determine the survival of patients. The purpose of this study was to described the quality of CPR on nurses as participant of Basic Cardiac Life Support Training (BCLS). The method used is correlational with analytic cross sectional study design. Thirty samples were taken from nurses participated BCLS training. The data collection includes the characteristics of the respondents including age, gender, work experience, training experience and confidence as well as data about the quality of CPR is generated after training BCLS. The results of data analysis using Spearman test with significance level of 5% was found that there is a relationship between the age and experience of working with the resulting tidal volume capability. Work experience in the emergency room also had a significant relationship with the ability to provide an effective volume in the act of ventilations. Characteristics of gender is also associated with the depth of chest compressions in delivering action and confidence levels are also associated with the wrong hand position (inaccuracy in placing their hand in the middle of the chest wall). Based on this it can be seen that the quality of CPR actions can be influenced by age, gender, experience and confidence.en_US
dc.publisherJurnal Kesehatan Mesencephalon STIKes Kepanjenen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesJurnal Kesehatan Mesencephalon STIKes Kepanjen;Volume 2 Nomor 3
dc.subjectQuality CPR, Nursesen_US

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