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dc.contributor.authorIndriastuti, Nur Azizah
dc.contributor.authorfahmawinda, Rahmi
dc.identifier.isbnNo. 978-623-7054-15-3
dc.description.abstractThe marriage rate of women who get married at a young age in Indonesia is still high. The high rate of marriage at a young age can cause various problems in marriage, and this is due to the lack of preparation before women decide to get married. One of the readiness of women before deciding to get married is readiness in carrying out roles. More important role readiness is prepared by women because it deals with duties of wife which are more in the domestic sector such as doing household chores accompanying husbands and taking care of children. The purpose of this study is to describe the readiness of women who were married at a young age in carrying out new roles after marriage in Yogyakarta. This research uses qualitative method with phenomenology approach. Data collection is done with interview and observation. Participants totaling five people were determined by purposive sampling. The validity of the data used source triangulation and checked the data back to the participants. Analysis of data were by comparing among categories, marking and describing descriptively. The results show that not all participants have readiness to carry out new roles after marriage. There are things that prevent participants from carrying out roles.en_US
dc.subjectyoung ageen_US
dc.titleSelf Readiness of Women Who Were Married at Young Ages in Carrying Out A New Role After Being Marrieden_US

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