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dc.contributor.authorRATMONO, EKO
dc.contributor.authorNADJIB, MUHAMMAD
dc.contributor.authorSANTOSA, TITO HADJI AGUNG
dc.description.abstractIndonesian including areas that have abundant water supply so that from this energy can be utilized in order to diversify energy. One of the tools that utilize water energy is a sling pump. The equipment consists of propellers, to twist, coil pipe and pipe delivery. Sling pump can be applied as irrigation, fish ponds, ponds and fields. Until now sling pump has not been used by many people because it is still in development. For that need to be made sling pump model that will be applied in a river. Model can be used to study the performance of the experimental study of cone sling pump with pipe diameter variations, variations in the number of inlet pipe, variations in the number of coils of pipe, variations in the height of delivery. Model making sling pump preceded by a planning which includes a survey of the river flow velocity, determining the rotation speed, dimensions sling pump, the selection of propellers, shafts, bearings, rotary seals, tools and measuring instruments vest. After the sling pump components are assembled, they were tried in the river to check in case of leakage in the rotary seal. If the sling pump has worked well, done taking the data in the form of water discharge and water pressure output. The materials used in making the framework sling pump is a solid aluminum pipe with a diameter of 8 mm, size of frame length 62.7 cm, diameter 47 cm large and small diameter of 13.82 cm. Models made slings pump has been operating well in the rivers. Based on experiments performed, the result is an average discharge of 5.915 liters / min, the hydraulic efficiency of 75.83% and 9% efficiency sling pump. Keywords: cone-type sling pu
dc.subjectPerancangan dan Pembuatanen_US
dc.subjectSling Pumpen_US
dc.subjectAplikasi di Sungaien_US

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