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      E-commerce [1]
      E-Service Quality, E-Trust, E-Satisfaction [1]
      E-TRUST [1]
      eadilan Distributif Kompensasi, Job Insecurity, Kepuasan Kerja [1]
      Earning Management, Profitability, Good Corporate Governance (GCG), Firm Size (Firm), Firm Value [1]
      Earning Per Share [1]
      Ease of Use [1]
      Economic Growth [1]
      Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) [1]
      EFISIENSI [1]
      Ekuitas Merek, Keputusan Pembelian [1]
      Ekuitas Merek, Kesadaran Merek, Kualitas Persepsian, Asosiasi Merek, Loyalitas Merek, Keputusan Pembelian. Brand Equity, Brand Awareness, Perceived Quality, Brand Association, Brand Loyalty and Purchase Decision [1]
      Electronic Word of mouth, Citra Merek, Minat Beli. [1]
      electronic word of mouth, eWOM, visit decision, tourist, and Pinus Mangunan Forest. This research is aimed to analyze the impact of electronic word of mouth in social media instagram toward tourist’ visit decision to Pinus Mangunan Forest. This research used quantitative method. The data collecting technique in this research used questionnaire. The samples of the research were tourists who were visiting Pinus Mangunan Forest with 17 years in minimum age. The numbers of the samples in this research were 100 respondents. The sampling technique which was used was non probability sampling with purposive sampling method. The analysis instrument in this research used multiple linier regression analysis which helped with IBM SPSS statistic 21 software. The result showed that the dimension of electronic word of mouth (eWOM), those are concern for others, expressing positive feelings, economic incentives, helping the company, and platform assistance had significant impacts toward tourists’ visit decisions to Pinus Mangunan Forest. [1]
      Electronic Word Of Mouth, EWOM, Visiting Decisions, tourists, and Puncak Becici [1]