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      City Branding, Gresik, Halal Life Style [1]
      Community Based Rehabilitation, Persons with Disabilities [1]
      Competitive Strategy, AYDA, Bad Debts, Conventional BPR [1]
      Competitive Strategy, Consumer Interest, Handycraft product, SMEs [1]
      Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Cybercriminal, Indonesian Government [1]
      Dispute, Dispute Settlement, Human Resource, and Business Ethics [1]
      Emerging Market, Capital Shortfall, Marginal Expected Shortfall, Systemic Risk [1]
      emotion, cognition, brand experience, customer skepticism [1]
      Feasibility analysis, investment, mix-use building, free cash flow. [1]
      Financial Literacy, Financial Planning, Family Welfare [1]
      Globalization, Community economy, Pattern of community economy, Community adaptation, Migration [1]
      Good Corporate Governance, ROA, BOPO, NPF, FDR [1]
      hedonic value, utilitarian value, satisfaction, and behavioral intention. [1]
      Implementation1, performance management2, balanced scorecard3, health, inclusive4, North Minahasa district health office5(government sector) [1]
      Internal Control, Internal Audit, Fraud in a Financial Statement Minimization [1]
      knowledge sharing, innovation capability, competitive advantage, SMEs Batik [1]
      leadership, control system, motivation to work, effectiveness of organization [1]
      management strategy, cooperative farming, beef agribusiness. [1]
      merger, acquisition, merger and acquisition, M&A, corporate restructuring, operating performance [1]
      organizational justice, ethical leadership, commitment, OCB (Organizational Citizenship Behavior). [1]